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I am now giving intuitive empathic angel card readings. These readings are approximately 300 to 500 words in length and will be sent to you by email. They take about an hour for me to complete at a cost of 10 pounds. Payment should be transferred to my PayPal account before the reading.

If you are not completely satisfied with your reading then a full refund will be given. The example reading given below was a general collective energy reading which I posted on Facebook about a month ago and your reading will be in a similar format but it will be personal to you.

Please contact me at if you are interested or, alternatively you can leave a comment/question below and I will get back to you

The cards that I use for my readings are
Living Reiki Healing Cards by Penelope Quest
Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray
and Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray
All of these are fantastic cards with great energy and the art work is beautiful. I love using them and they are not too expensive. If you wish to purchase them yourself please see the above links.

Example Reading

Card 1- The Myriam- Sacred Vision- “Choose to forgive in order to heal. See the light in all. Remember that love has no boundaries”

The myriam were angels who appeared to Mary Magdalene in the tomb of Jesus after his death. Therefore, when this card comes up it symbolizes death and grief. However, this can be in a number of contexts. We can of course feel grief over the death of a loved in a very literal sense. However, we can also feel grief over the loss of a friendship or relationship and this can feel like a kind of death as it is the end of an important chapter in our lives and we are left confused and wondering why it has happened. Especially if we spent a lot of time with the person, or they were close to us emotionally. For example, personally speaking, a number of months ago I broke up with someone and was experiencing estrangement from family members at the same time. This was by choice; however, the pain of this was so intense that it was like a kind of grief, to the extent that I felt like taking my own life. We can also experience grief during any period of immense change in our lives as there is a death in a non- literal sense of behavioral patterns or ways of thinking. This may feel new and frightening to us as we do not know what action to take. We may have had an argument with someone we love and are experiencing all sorts of intense emotions.

Card 2- Transform negative emotions- “you can find healthier and safer ways of expressing the frustration that usually lies behind anger by turning the emotion into creativity, going for a brisk walk or doing that very old-fashioned thing: counting to ten before you speak”

Pain needs to be experienced. There is simply no other way to transform it and unfortunately there is no easy alternative. At least not if we want a permanent solution for healing. In terms of grief, this is profoundly so. Grief demands all of our attention and time relentlessly. It is a constant presence and it will not be ignored or bypassed. Often it feels like it is never going to end. However, it will end; everything in this world is impermanent. Like the lotus flower that makes its way through the mud to blossom, so shall we, but only if we give our pain the presence that it deserves. In my recent experience, it was only after I was able to feel my own grief in its entirety that I was able to transform it into something beautiful and by doing so open my heart to new levels of love.

Card 3- Synchronicity- “Thank you Angels. I trust your well-timed guidance and signs”

Synchronicity means when things in your life are in flow. For example, when you are driving and all the traffic lights are green or you meet a friend who comes up with a solution to a problem that you were struggling with, without you even mentioning it. When we are experiencing negative emotions often times we are not in flow with our higher selves, things do not go our way, we feel stuck, and powerless to our situation. Naturally, when we feel this way there is a tendency to resist and pull against it. However, the law of attraction tells us that “whatever we resist persists” and so even if we have well-meaning intentions to practice things such as positive focus, being in a state of resistance and not accepting what is will not help. Even when we are stuck and we feel that we are not in flow, we must remember that there is a much bigger plan that is unfolding. Therefore, we must not try to resist our situation or our feelings as it is through healthy acceptance for what is that we will come back into alignment and experience synchronicity in our lives. This card also speaks to me about duality as there is a picture of the “ying and yang”. Duality is another law of the universe that states that for everything there is an opposite; light and dark, good and bad. When we choose to incarnate on this planet, we have a life purpose or intention for doing so. We often choose to be born into families and early experiences that will teach us the opposite of our life purpose and intention. For example if our life purpose is love and unity then we may choose early childhood experiences of feeling unloved and disconnected, as it is our job to transform this into the opposite. Both must exist and be experienced, it is the alpha and the omega. Therefore, people who disturb us are indeed our greatest teachers and what’s more they are reflections of us. When someone upsets you, look for the fragment of them that is within you and try to heal it.

I was doing a reading recently for someone and I choose this card for her. The words that immediately came to mind were “there is a season for everything”. I decided to google it and I immediately found a verse from the bible which had also been turned into a song “Turn! Turn! Turn!” most popularly released by the Byrds in 1965. This is definitely the song for the energy of this card!

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